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How to Change Transmission Fluid

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Here we show you how to change your transmission fluid.

Drain as much fluid as you can before pan removal. Learn how to crack the seal on the transmission oil pan when changing transmission fluid in this free auto maintenance video from a car repair professional. Nathan McCullough graduated from Nashville Auto-Diesel College and received their Craftsmanship Award and Honor Seal

UTI Automatic Transmission Drum Rebuild

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

The modern automatic transmission is by far, the most complicated mechanical component in today’s automobile. Automatic transmissions contain mechanical systems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems and computer controls, all working together in perfect harmony which goes virtually unnoticed until there is a problem.

Trying to beat my record at tearing down and rebuilding a clutchpack assembly for a 41TE transmission….. my friend taping accidentally deleted his whole card with my best 33 second run on it!!!! I was trying to beat or meet that time again on this video but couldnt quite do it….. A new world record anyone suppose?

Mercedes E270 CDI Automatic transmission Rebuild

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Here is a Mercedes Benz E270 CDI that has a problem when the car is shifting into 2nd gear. Most likely the second gear clutch pack has an issue. Either one of the clutch discs in the pack or the pressure plates is blown. So I needed to get the transmission overhauled.

Disassembly and rebuild of Mercedes E270 CDI automatic transmission.

AOD Transmission Oil Pump and Piston Assembly

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

The AOD (for automatic overdrive) is a four-speed automatic transmission with overdrive. Introduced in 1980, it was Ford’s first four-speed automatic overdrive transmission. The 4R70W stands for 4 gears, Rearwheeldrive, 70 stands for the 4th gear ratio, and Wide gear ratio. It has lower 1st and 2nd gear ratios for better take-off acceleration and improved gearset strength.

The AOD was used originally on ’80s and early-’90s Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury products and in the F-series pickups and E-series vans as well. Because the AOD is basically a retooled C-4, many classic car owners have discovered they can substitute this overdrive transmission into their ’60s and ’70s production vehicles relatively easily and reap the benefits of a lower final gear ratio and decreased wear and tear on their vintage small-block V-8 engine. Theres more parts to take off of this but I will do that when the rebuild kit gets here, just to make sure I get the right parts.

How to Clean a Transmission

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

During this part of the rebuild I will show you how to clean your transmission with chemicals, and steer clear of using sandblasting, which you can never get all the grains of sand out of the casting.

Here we have a 67 VW Bus transmission. To remove the drum we use a 356 porsche tool. It will remove any drum with out much damage. These drums were used on a dune buggy and showed a ridge on the outer edge of the brake drum contact area. I would say the sand did a good job of keeping the drum clean. Once the drum was removed I could get to the backing plate and have it removed. This allows you full access the the drop gear housing. Putting as many parts as possible in a solution of caustic degreaser for soaking. Malco products potent purple is just such a caustic degreaser.

While soaking I welded a washer on the access plug and used a monkey stick to pull the cover off. A monkey stick is a long round rod with a scissor jack attached to go up and down the rod with a hook designed to attach a chain to pull with.

Most body men will have such a tool, they use it to straighten radiator core supports and is quick work by an expert. After I did my first access cover I can tell you if you weld a 1″ square tube on one end a weld a big 3″ round washer on the other end you can with some effort gripping the big washer and giving it a wiggle from side to side that plug will come off. tThe monkey stick will pull it off straight and true with a couple of jack handle cranks. If you go to Harbor Freight and Salvage, you can buy a set of blind bearing pullers for 39 dollars, a total bargain.

You will also need an axle bearing puller kit, or you will destroy stuff by being stupid. Clean all the bearing and lube with some light oil. Spin them by hand to feel for rough noise then look at all the rollers for rust or pitting. These german bearings are very high quality and will last forever with care.

Auto Repair: Symptoms of a Transmission Problem

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

A number of symptoms can indicate a problem with a transmission, including grinding in gear changes, excessive gear noise, difficulty shifting or a burnt smell from the fluid. Check to see if a transmission is dealing with excessive friction with help from an auto mechanic in this free video on troubleshooting car problems. Bio: JB Hebert is a machinist, metal fabricator, and auto mechanic who has been fixing and modifying all things mechanical for over 20 years.