UTI Automatic Transmission Drum Rebuild

The modern automatic transmission is by far, the most complicated mechanical component in today’s automobile. Automatic transmissions contain mechanical systems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems and computer controls, all working together in perfect harmony which goes virtually unnoticed until there is a problem.


Trying to beat my record at tearing down and rebuilding a clutchpack assembly for a 41TE transmission….. my friend taping accidentally deleted his whole card with my best 33 second run on it!!!! I was trying to beat or meet that time again on this video but couldnt quite do it….. A new world record anyone suppose?

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15 Responses to “UTI Automatic Transmission Drum Rebuild”

  1. BobbyB343 says:

    What happened to the overdrive and the underdrive hub?

  2. BobbyB343 says:

    And just another thing, it is actually 39 seconds not 37! If your going to put the time it’s done in, put the actual time. You started at 2 sec. in the video and ended at 42 sec.

  3. trueightysix says:

    seriously lol great stuff but when it comes to the field a tiny bit of metal shaving will cause the whole shit to go bad…. speed is not always the answer…. you can do that on the field but when you make one mistake you have to do the damn job twice! and you don’t get paid for it =(…… i miss uti which campus did you go to?

  4. pasnizal says:

    I did it in 1:08. It was the fastest in my class. that guy is a beast! No wavy snap ring though. UTI SACRAMENTO!

  5. BlackOperative says:

    Yeah ok…. the stop watch said 37, my bad. My fastest is 33 seconds though, so this is slow compared to my record.

  6. BlackOperative says:

    Thanks for the support man! Yeah I think I took it apart about 300 times to get were im at here… and would the people saying you cant do this in the field please not comment about it….. OF COURSE I wouldnt do this in the field, thats not the point of the video…..

  7. mattbilick says:

    You forgot the wavy. This one deffinetly wasn’t utized yet. nice time though, fastest I’ve seen is 1:02,,,,excluding teachers.

  8. nightmathzombieethan says:

    Man I’m on my first week there and I am NOT getting it!! I think my GPA is gonna go WAY down :-( tell me this stuff get’s easier? I’m havin trouble cause the “Big picture” just hasn’t really been explained….i feel like we’re just learning everything about the seperate components without having any idea what is where. like taking HiPo without knowing what a car is…. I’m just lost! tell me it gets easier?

  9. nightmathzombieethan says:

    nice job man, i’m impressed just by how quickly you got the snap rings out!

  10. LORSLO says:

    wait a minute !!!!! the underdrive shaft and overdrive shaft ???? mmmm fast but not effective….

  11. angie4josh says:

    whats a transmission?

  12. jayguy173 says:

    that is just the clutch pack just one

  13. babouinga says:

    welcome malfunction code and bonjour limp mode

  14. kreggmann2 says:

    Come on, at least take it all the way apart and replaced the seals.

  15. cas111498 says:

    I just did one from a bare case and driving by noon. I was late for work too. went home at four to make up the diff.