Servicing an Automatic Transmission

The Fluid change in an automatic transmission in your vehicle promotes proper operation and helps your automatic transmission last longer without failure. All vehicle manufacturers have different service intervals for their particular transmission. In a typical automatic transmission service, the fluid is completely flushed, a filter is changed, the transmission pan is cleaned and a new pan gasket installed. When refilling, use manufacturer specified fluids.


Regularly check your parking space for leaks. Doesn’t matter, is it the engine oil leak, power steering fluid or transmission fluid; if you discover any, get it fixed before it caused something serious. Change the fluid as often as it said in your owner’s manual or when it becomes too dark (rather brown than red) or dirty.

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5 Responses to “Servicing an Automatic Transmission”

  1. naveedshehzad233 says:

    good work…but this blond is so excited….there must be something wrong

  2. Laqter99 says:

    Try some different units for us americans who shop at Sears.!!!!

  3. Filmaker25 says:

    why do automatic transmissions THUMP into gear sometimes?

  4. Blazen8gsx says:

    lol the end was funny!

  5. rachmaniralf says:

    lol maybe that’s why I didn’t have any up and go after servicing my transmission…