Replace Rear Transmission Seal

Automatic transmissions are one of the least self-serviceable components on a vehicle. The complexity of these transmission’s internal parts requires specialized knowledge to rebuild them. Here, we will show you how to replace the rear transmission oil seal on a 2000 Chevy S10 2WD 4.3L 6V.


This is how to replace the rear transmission oil seal that was really fun and more important I save some money if I can do it you can do it with a couple tools.

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7 Responses to “Replace Rear Transmission Seal”

  1. albertolop6446 says:

    gracias por el manual, muy completo…

  2. EricTheCarGuy says:

    I like the idea with the PCV pipe, well done.

  3. SuperAceofspace says:

    Good job !!!!

  4. yodamost says:

    Well done Thank you..

  5. PerspectiveEngineer says:

    thanks great video.
    I’ll have to try this at home.

  6. n2bocabia says:

    great job in breaking it down for us 1st timers.-thanks

  7. joelin66 says:

    Thank You that’s all about it help other like you.