Rebuilding the 700R4 Automatic Transmission

The 700R4 transmission was produced until 1992 in trucks and 1993 in cars. As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the best automatic transmission ever. It is strong and can be updated for many uses, as in, for hot rods, extra heavy commercial work and when prepared properly for a particular application is versatile beyond imagination.


The 700R4 “Bad Boy” is generally used in vehicle applications where the vehicle will be used in beyond-stock 4×4, heavy duty or performance applications where overdrive capability is desired. Now lets learn wow to rebuild the GM 700R4 / 4L60 automatic transmission.

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17 Responses to “Rebuilding the 700R4 Automatic Transmission”

  1. smithraymond says:

    Great video. Watching this makes me want to do my own trans rebuild.

  2. VinnyMartello says:

    This short clip is a good introduction to auto transmissions

  3. eds64chevelle says:

    in the text in the sub assembly it says to install the o.r. piston, but they are actually installing a 3-4 piston. The text is wrong, so i’d question the whole build if they can’t even get 9 minutes correct.

  4. bone2thebone says:

    He never got a drop on that shirt

  5. jasonnb20 says:

    Always use the one piece telon seals!!

  6. NotEnoughGoreOnTV says:

    I have a 1999 gmc 1500 newer body style with a 5.3 can i put a turbo 400 in it?

  7. sierradawn5000 says:

    Very helpfull

  8. windhammer357 says:

    I need a Universal Spring Compressor is there anyone out there that has a used one that they migth want to sell I hate to have to but a new one in only use it one time in the rest of my life

  9. wolf360090 says:

    any ides on how to get the pump off. am doing a 4L60E now and have valve body,wiring harness and servo out.. but cant seem to break pump loose…tried through the holes after the vavlebody came off..

  10. KeithWasHere1 says:

    is that the 700r4 that uses the cable for the speedo?

  11. KeithWasHere1 says:

    what could cause the servo to make a clattering/whining/clicking noise?

  12. huntwds says:

    On 4L60E, my first teardown the last clutch pack caught on casting edge when I depressed the piston,when I released the tool I could not tell why the pack did not come out,I moved the pack and it popped out head high,just missing my head.

  13. TheHemi400 says:

    do they make a video for the 4L80E?

  14. brandun69 says:

    He just man handled that 700r4…. kinda turns me on… :p

  15. Fendersp says:

    Hi do you sell a DVD on how to rebuild a turbo 350 ?

    Thanks Tony

  16. mircle777 says:

    i have no reverse in my 1991 roadmaster wagon. Who do I contact to buy this transmission DVD ?
    Thanks , Ray

  17. haaaaaaaaaaaaamza says:

    But don’t forget that rebuilding an automatic transmission needs some art and only a prof people can do it (I think you must have at least 20 years of experiences )

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