How To Rebuild the World Class T5 Transmission

The T5 5 Speed Transmission was originally manufactured by Borg Warner Automotive, and is the only American made standard transmission to span almost 20 years of production. There are 2 basic kinds of T5 5 speeds. Non World Class (NWC) and World Class (WC). The T5 is an evolution of the Borg Warner SR4 4speed. This video is in regards to the World Class T5 Transmission.


A compressed video clip taken from the BadShoe series “How To Rebuild the World Class T5 Transmission” where synchronizer operation is explained. If your interested in the nearly 3 hours of detailed hands-on instructions on repairing the T5, please check it and other copyrighted repair DVD videos and digital downloads sold through Ken Collins of BadShoe Productions

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25 Responses to “How To Rebuild the World Class T5 Transmission”

  1. xilix says:

    I just lost 4th gear in my t45 due to a missed shift. I can still get it into gear if I rev-match it perfectly, but otherwise it simply will not stay in gear. As soon as I let out the clutch, it will just pop out. According to an expert, he said I either bent the shift fork or cooked the 3-4 synchro. Do you agree?

  2. BadShoeProductions says:

    I would think it’s a synchro but you still won’t know until you go in and see.

  3. gtdrummerdude says:

    If it pops out when it’s already engaged in gear then either you bent the fork and the slider is barely engaging the fourth gear dogs and when pressure is applied, the slider is pushed off fourth gear, or the fourth gear dogs are chewed to hell. Syncro would not cause the slider to pop off the gear, it would only cause trouble with engaging the gear. The syncro may also be bad but is not causing the trans to pop out of gear.

  4. VICTOR400HP says:

    is a small plastic piece at the end of the Countershaft (Cluster), what happend if i doesnt put it in

  5. BadShoeProductions says:

    that’s part of the oiling system. You don’t want to leave that out.

  6. VICTOR400HP says:

    another question, im about to put the t5 from a 94 5.0 mustang to my 89 mustang with 5.0 from a 2000 explorer, is the clutch disc ok for my engine?

  7. BadShoeProductions says:

    Of course, the clutch doesn’t care what the 5.0L came out of. Remember to install a pilot bearing. Remember also the 94 T5 has a deeper bellhousing therefore your shifter may not line up with the 89 Mustang’s hole in the floor.

  8. xilix says:

    Whelp… I got it looked at finally, and apparently it was so bad in there that it would’ve cost more to rebuild it than to buy a unit from the boneyard, which was $700. He said a lot of the rings and other stuff were pitted, shift fork was broken, synchros were toast, bearings needed replacement… what a mess! So after the tranny replacement, clutch, resurfacing flywheel, replacing the rotted flow tubes, replacing s. plugs, a few other things too, and all the labor, came to $1995. Ouch.

  9. leedstao says:

    What happens if the synchron goes bad or you shift way too fast, the sliding gear rotates at at different with 2nd gear (for example). Will the synchron prevents engaging the gear or we will grind the dog gear?

  10. COD5252 says:

    understood 90% only have 1 question how does the sliding toothed dog matches with the gears teeth exactly

  11. BadShoeProductions says:

    The tip of the teeth have a pointed tips which guides the engagement.

  12. CubEtlir says:

    one miss shift shouldnt cause a gear to just stop working but you could have rounded the slider and the dog teeth so bad that they wont mess at any speed but the correct shit rpm. and as far as it poping out of gear, the shift, if bent can only be bent two directions left or right so if it wont engage in 4th then it shoud engage in 3rd very easy or even with out trying, the fort is made out of either (maybe)steel or aluminum which both are easy to bend

  13. vdean2010 says:

    I have a t-5 out of a 93 mustang lx and 2 of the gears have a couple of teeth broken off. Are there any manuals or diagrams on the internet that would help me identify what they are so I can replace them?

  14. TransAMGTA1988 says:

    Nicely explained!
    I have T5 in my ’88 305 GTA (I’m not sure if is it a World Class) and next month I have a plan to raise power on 300 hp or more. Does anybody knows how much power T5 can handle?? Thanks!

  15. Foxbodyfan50 says:

    I need a new synchro for 2nd gear. Where is a good place to get one? I can’t seem to find them readily available anywhere.

  16. carguyzo6 says:

    I can get one of these for $150 dollars but the guy said that 2nd gear slips a little? would that be a problem in the transmission or an issue with the clutch? Is that still a good deal and what does a rebuild cost usually. thanks for the info

  17. BadShoeProductions says:

    If it’s slipping, I would say that’s a clutch concern. The price sounds good but that depends on what it came from, V8, 6 cyl., 4 cyl. is it world class or not etc.

  18. 07jdubb says:

    yea i have an 89 camaro with a T5 trans and it keeps popping out of first gear when i give it gas what can i do to solve the problem or should i just do a rebuild

  19. BadShoeProductions says:

    You might have a shifter boot keeping the shifter from going all the way into gear. If that’s ok, the problem is on the inside.

  20. 07jdubb says:

    thanks i kind of guess it i have another question in the 89 camaro win i shift into 5th gear sometimes it dont go in and other cases it glides in, and when i take it out of 5th i have to shake, pull, or whatever it takes to bring out of the groove from 5th to neutral. Do you think i should just get another boot or what? Thanks for responding and i hope u can help me out

  21. BadShoeProductions says:

    You’ll just have to make a test. Maybe remove the boot and drive. If the problem is still there, it’s overhaul time.

  22. Kody B says:

    i have a ’93 mustang with t5 and if the car is off it will go into gear but if its running it wont go into any gear from neutral have to be rolling or down shifting like if i pull up to a stop sign was wondering what it needed and reverse grinds every time.

  23. Anthony o says:

    Wc t5 is grinding in all gears but if I take it real east It will shif okay camy Idea I’m thinking the synchros are shot and if that is the problem would it be a hard do it yourself project

  24. AF68390 says:

    My pal Has a t5 behind a 5.0 in a cobra kit car. he has lost the abiltiy to put the tranny in 2nd 3rd and 4th. I am assuming with the T5 that means rebuild. it is not like the old school 4 speeds in my classic mustang where linkage could be the issue….Correct….?

  25. cpaul16 says:

    I have a WC T5 in an 88 Camaro I use as a commute car, when I’m in 5th gear starting at about 70 MPH and up I get a vibration in the trans. when I back off the throttle the vibration intensifies tremendously, if I drop down to 4th gear and run it through the same scenario I don’t have the vibration, I’ve checked the U-joints, I’ve opened up the tranny and looked everything over but I see no obvious problems. I don’t want to buy a new transmission it would cost more than the car is worth. Any thoughts

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