How to Change Transmission Fluid

Here we show you how to change your transmission fluid.


Drain as much fluid as you can before pan removal. Learn how to crack the seal on the transmission oil pan when changing transmission fluid in this free auto maintenance video from a car repair professional. Nathan McCullough graduated from Nashville Auto-Diesel College and received their Craftsmanship Award and Honor Seal

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7 Responses to “How to Change Transmission Fluid”

  1. MikeWithBigTube says:

    you sick nathan. im guessing its cold where you are

  2. JosephEaorle says:

    can you just put it back on at this point, if you wanted to add some transmission fluid supplement

  3. oomshnah1 says:

    I do most of my work on my car myself but I would totally trust this guy to work on my vehicle if I could not fix it myself. Very good sir!

  4. d4seasons says:

    Nathan looks very bright & understands what he’s doing. i always admire mechanics. he should wear goggles.

  5. mstep3 says:

    this is the reason i installed a drain plug in my transmission pan…..makes it a lot easier to change the fluid…..just go to advance auto & pick one up for 5 bucks & install it in your pan next time you change your fluid…..

  6. francis2323 says:

    Wow someone on expert village that seems to know what he’s doing O.o

  7. bam6972 says:

    i never liked the transmission pan drain plug idea. cause you cant get all the sludge build up out of the bottom of the pan.and see what the magnet caught.