Honda Odyssey Automatic Transmission Rebuild

If you have a problem with your Odyssey transmission, typically you should take it to a dealership to have them diagnose the problem. The thing people first notice is slipping between 2nd and 3rd gear. And maybe your check engine light came on after a slip occurred.


Just a few pointers if you decide to tackle your own honda automatic transmission rebuild. Get a helm and get a rebuild kit with steels. As your steels will probably have hot spots. I got my kit and torque converter from CT Powertrain. Talk to Sean, very knowledgeable about what breaks in these things. I’ve done a ton of honda 5 speed manuals, this is my first honda auto, I do have some turbo 350’s and 400’s under my belt.

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15 Responses to “Honda Odyssey Automatic Transmission Rebuild”

  1. cb7crazy says:

    Thank you for an informative video. I may also recommend the atsg service manual for others trying to take on this task. I am rebuilding my apx4 series auto with new steels frictions and a bushing kit as well along with a new converter which is a must on a good rebuild. Do your homework and this can be done by anyone. Thanks for taking the time to post an informative video for others. A+++ Also let us know how it performs in service. Thumbs up bigg time!

  2. cb7crazy says:

    What clearances did you have to check with indicator and did you have to choose shim size for the diff bearings? Thanks again!!!

  3. tumdeax says:

    How’s the trans doing, still working? I’ve got to rebuild my 03 acura MDX “MDKA” trans. How much did that kit cost you?

  4. edthefanman says:

    Feel like helping me do the same on a 2001 Honda Accord 5 Spd?

    Please send me a message as its going out now, and I am in Irvine

  5. db587 says:

    I have a 1991 Honda Accord. I put a junk yard tranny in it cause reverse was blown in the old one. BUT, I screwed up and didnt flush the tranny. SO, it went a little more than 1500 miles and now it works for about 30 secs and then “let’s go” in all gears. Is this the torque converter screwing up? ANyhow, I have been told in a couple of Honda forums that debri (metal, etc.) is getting sucked up into the filter and cutting off hydraulic pressure. Rebuild time?

  6. db587 says:

    BTW, I have changed the fluid now twice, cleaned off the drain plug each time with little improvement (there was alot of fine metal on the plug each time I cleaned it. Car sat for a few hours, went back and, sure enough, it went into gear solidly. Sounds like there is ALOT of crap in this tranny!

  7. KASTAS155 says:

    my 1999 honda civic 5 speed like blew up and the mainshaft teeth snaped off where it drives the differential. and multiple teeth snapped off the differential gear and the bearings where shot. i was gunna rebuild it but i found a junk yard one for 375$ with a 6 month warrenty and they wanted my old one for a swap so i couldnt rebuild it. but the mainshaft was like super high price so idk why mabye ill check out these places you mentioned for trans parts!

  8. markw365 says:

    The ATSG print out that came with the kit had the same diagrams as the FSM. Trans is working great. I went with the Amsoil Synthetic ATF. I was freaking out yesterday as there was a noise like a bearing going bad, and it was on the PS pump. So I did a quick rebuild on it. The total cost of this rebuild was 175 for the kit with steels (don’t skimp). I got all my parts from CT power train in Huntington Beach. Oh, a JY MDWA Trans was $800ish with no gurantees.

  9. markw365 says:

    Probably. That’s why I tend to avoid JY transmissions, they’re an unknown. I’ve done an insane amount of the L3’s and S20 civic transmissions. My 91 Si has a hybrid HF 5th gear + LSD L3 in it. :)

  10. markw365 says:

    Yes, get a rebuild kit. You can flush the torque convertor, or a reman is about $150. You kinda need a press to take the clutch drums apart. They make a tool for it too, or you can make a tool with all thread and a socket.

  11. markw365 says:

    This is a Honda, it’s a contstant mesh like a manual. But instead of shift forks, it uses clutch packs to select each gear. Not that scary, but have a manual which shows you how the gear clusters go back together.

  12. markw365 says:

    Diff bearings were fine with the shim that was in the case. I did have to replace one of the shims on the stack that had 2nd gear. Be warned it takes 1-2 weeks to get parts for these things. I used the dial indicator to check the clutch pack free play. You put the clutch/steels in drum, put the snap ring in, then check the free movement of the clutch stack, there’s specs for each clutch pack in the manual and on the ATSG paperwork that comes with the rebuild kit.

  13. markw365 says:

    It’s got over 3k on it now and it works great. Heard a noise but it was the bearing in the PS pump. I just rebuilt the pump today, but my phone had the audio checked to OFF, so there’s no audio. Honda PS pumps are super simple to rebuild, and can be done from start to finish in under an hour. :)

  14. playone4me says:

    Real simple there are a thousand parts there

  15. ryanhanauska says:

    This is a great damn video! If every teacher I had was this clear I’d be skating through an Ivy league school right now. I don’t own a Honda or an automatic but I learned a lot more here than I did at a 2-day dealer sponsored training class.