5 Speed Transmission Teardown, Repair, Rebuild

Michael takes you step by step in tearing down and rebuilding a stock 5 speed transmission. PLEASE NOTE! SPECIAL TOOLS ARE REQUIRED! Please check the website write-up for a list of tools other than stock hand tools.


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8 Responses to “5 Speed Transmission Teardown, Repair, Rebuild”

  1. ironhead77hd says:

    i have a leak on my 95 flht from tre trans a guy changed the jack shaft seal and the main seal, (still leaks) if the did not change the o ring seal behind the spacer would it leak? would fulid come from there? i think he tring to sell me a case!

  2. roadking011 says:

    How do you get the trans out of the bike in one peice?

  3. Buildahoginc says:

    The transmission will come out in one peice through the right side trap door. If it is in the bike you will need to tear down the primary side to get to the transmission drive sprocket. It shows how to do this in our other video.

  4. jayguy173 says:

    what kind of trans

  5. Buildahoginc says:

    This is video is for a 5 speed. Thanks

  6. Cavjr27 says:

    where do I buy transmission at, I know where to get used transmission

  7. Buildahoginc says:

    You can order order a new transmission through any of the major after market catalogs like Drag, Custom Chrome, or Mid West

  8. RJPIL0T says:

    Heh, you make it look so easy… at the moment i’m disassembling a KLE-500 6-speed and the chain sprocket was attached to the main shaft with a keep plate rather than a nut, which was so knackered the splines on the shaft were worn away to almost nothing. x.x