4L60E Automatic Transmission Shift Kit

Before you rebuild your 4L60E Transmission you will need a rebuild kit. Most higher end rebuild kits will include a new shift kit as well. An automatic transmission shift kit is only needed if you want the gears to shift sooner, but it can also reduce transmission wear by reducing or eliminating shift overlap


GM 4L60E Transmission Rebuild Teardown Working thru the valve body webbing, Rick goes over a proper tear down of the valve body, including the forward accumulator and solenoids. This is key to preparing for the repair or adding a shift kit to your 4L60E Transmission.

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18 Responses to “4L60E Automatic Transmission Shift Kit”

  1. maxestuardo says:

    I,ll end up using a hammer. thanks a lot for the inf. I wonder if auto parts has some instant fix transmition additive.

  2. PABLO7912 says:

    the shift kit can fix the 1870 code? & what shift kit do you recommended for a 97 chevy truck 5.7 vortec?

  3. connected901 says:

    about how much will the shop install a shift kit for?

  4. boriloco76 says:

    i just put a transmission 3 years ago but the car sat in the garage for those 3 years and only put atleast 2ooo miles on that tranny from the dealership , now since i took it out for the road its not shifting the 3rd and last gear on a cadillac fleetwood 95 broughham .. any clues what that might be !

  5. dbowpku says:

    Okay i have a 99 Z28. It wont shift above 2nd gear. just revs high. Which shift solenoid should i replace A or B? And on the control solenoid, one of them is spring loaded the other is not, is this normal? Thank you so so so much. Your videos are 5* material. Helped me so much!

  6. hondaman0000 says:

    i have a question about the forward accumulator piston what does it do and would it cause a hard shift from 1st to 2nd under load or light and hard accleration ?

  7. M0sh247 says:

    I just rebuilt a 4l60e transmission and after installing it has no 1st or 4th gear, I replaced both shift solenoids and checked to make sure they are both getting volts to them, I took the valve body completely apart before I got the rebuild books!! my mistake!! I think I got the springs in the right places, but I can not be positive!! Somebody please help!!! Bout to go nuts!!

  8. mikeceli says:

    All I can advise is…installing the 1-2 acumulator valve SLEEVE(in the valve body) upside down(easy to do) will cause HARSH 1-2 shift. looking up from the bottom of the v body, you should see the VALVE. If you just see the sleeve, it’s upside down.

  9. shackhacker says:

    Thank you, I think I’m pretty handy with a wrench but I have never even seen a valve body before let alone put in a shift kit. couldnt have done it with out your videos ! Truck is doing great. no more slamming between 1st an 2nd gear. thanks again,

  10. shackhacker says:

    I used the transgo shift kit very easy and it cured my 1870 code

  11. elantra11 says:

    Great video ! Question – how 4T-45E valve body is different from 4L-60E in terms of applying this video to 4T45 or these two more different and your video cannot be used on 4T-45 ?

  12. djkarkar says:

    man my car problem is that when the rpm comes to 3000 it start geting down and up down and up do u think it is the valve body

  13. Filmaker25 says:

    Are thier sypmtoms before a auto tranny goes?

  14. peanutbutterisfu says:

    i have a 2001 gmc sierra 4×4 truck.it has a 5.3 and 4l60e tranny..i replaced all the clutchs,band and seals last year.it shifts hard going into second gear when its warmed up.i heard there was an updated valve is that true?also it seems to down shift at too low of a speed. theres no codes,and i do have a snapon modis so if u had any ideas i could check things out.thanks

  15. SilentServiceCode says:


  16. zrultima says:

    can u use brake parts cleaner to clean all the parts?

  17. rapsag1974 says:

    I know I have a desperate problem with my transmicion the problem is that it enters the solenoid switch 3 speed and b remains the same I could lend a hand to tips
    no ablo English
    by a translator mexico

  18. TokenWolf1 says:

    hey people i need help. i have a mitsubishi eclipse spyder gt v6 convertible (01) and my transmission is acting up. I plugged my scanner up and it gave me the code P0760 and it said it was a shift solenoid C and D malfunction. How do i go about fixing this? im fresh out of school for auto technology so i wana try and do it myself but im nervous and dont want to mess anything up.