4L60E Automatic Transmission Servo Removal

Removing the Servo on a 4L60E Automatic Transmission. Removing the 2 – 4 servo is not that hard on your GM 4L60E Transmission.


First remove the snap ring, then pull up on the 2-4 servo with pliers to expose the o-ring. Now you can cut the o-ring and pull it out with some pliers. Then you’ll carefully remove all of the internal parts.

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16 Responses to “4L60E Automatic Transmission Servo Removal”

  1. Oddman1980 says:

    SO glad I have a manual tranny… 5 speed FTW

  2. bighead29058 says:

    i wish he would tell what these parts do

  3. BoxWrench says:

    The director of this project is a really cool guy.
    He’s from Texas and has well over 25 years experience with Transmissions…he knows what he’s talking about.

    He jokes about the “Neeext” comment all the time. We think it’s made him famous…

  4. imjustpassinthru says:

    Neexxt, I got a question. I wish I could figure out what’s wrong with my 4r70w Ford trans with 100k miles. Shifting good and tight, no slip, clean fluid. One problem: After I have trans in reverse, then shift to drive, it doesn’t want to shift out of 1st gear. Have to take foot off gas, let rpms drop to near idle then it drops into 2nd. Once that happens, it shifts perfect until the next time I put it in reverse. Tried replacing neutral safety switch, didn’t help. Any thoughts?

  5. BoxWrench says:

    Our only ford transmission rebuild DVD is for the AOD.
    I’m not personally familiar with your particular model of transmission.

  6. KillerKaprice says:

    Can you tell me if a mid 90’s K series 4L60E has the so called “vette” servo. I have a 4L60E with the smaller servo and was going to swap them If the K series has the better servo thanks

  7. 1987lx says:

    nice video very helpful…

  8. shirljanebenedict says:

    i need help locating a transmission for a 93 ford ranger 4×4 4.0l v6 and rabuilding one and taking it out

  9. zacdamac87 says:

    LOL, all transmissions are in about the same place on american cars. Yours would be above the transfercase.
    You’ll need to buy a rebuild kit if you are to do it yourself. You’ve got an A4LD transmission. I would suggest you have a professional do it if you lack the knowledge in how to locate it and take it out. Just a suggestion.

  10. drufle says:

    Dont forget the return spring.

  11. suggesttwo says:

    the 4L60E trans in my bother’s truck does not shift into 3rd or OD. any suggestions as the probable cause?

  12. dodgert70 says:

    4l60e will a bad servo cause it not to shift out of first to second gear without letting out of the gas.

  13. kief4diamonds says:

    that and also if you have a cam installed that capable of higher rpm and is set to shift at stock shift points….or so im told…..also make sure you have a good converter and fluids are slightly….slightly above full…i use B&M synthetic.

  14. JayzBeerz says:

    my 99 isuzu rodeo trans just blew up and had fluid and metal bits all over the place. think i can fix it?

  15. cbr900rr919 says:

    the valve body gasket is blown out very common problem in ford/mazda transmissions. get a set of valve body gaskets and replace them if you still have the truck.

  16. imjustpassinthru says:

    It’s one year later after I posted that about the old thing of my 4r70w transmission not wanting to shift out of first gear. It turned out to be the ECM or whatever you call it., the computer. I had an auto electric shop do a diagnoistic check and they said the computer wasn’t “responding.”. I ordered a remanufactered one from 1A auto parts online, about $150. Stuck it in myself, simple, no problem, 15-min job. It hasn’t missed a shift since.